Why buy Native Scents? Not all deer urine products are the same against most beliefs. It all has to do with the collection process and the handling of the product before it reaches the customers hands. Being an Alabama based deer farm, our state has never seen a single case of CWD and our products fall directly in line with all regulations in Alabama. We DO NOT purchase urine by the gallons and repackage like most all other companies. We own our herd and collect from our own herd to guarantee the quality for the absolute freshest and highest peak estrous on the market. You will not find us on the shelf in June trying to sell you a "fresh quality estrous". That is because we collect our urine during the actual breeding process.


We only collect our estrous during the prime hours of the estrous cycle in order to collect the highest peak estrous that is chock full of pheromones and secretions that can't get there without it being as fresh as possible and watching that clock. You will not find a higher quality natural urine product out there and that's a promise.


All of our urine products will come from our farm in Southern Alabama and will be shipped directly to your door FRESH. How fresh? Just days old. How do you ship it? Chilled and on ice packs with USPS Priority 2 Day Mail!! It's that fresh and that easy. Keep the product refrigerated until used for best results. Our atomizers on the bottles will allow you to cover 5 times the area with scent to help entice those big deer in to a comfortable setting.  ZERO ADDITIVES and ZERO PRESERVATIVES. Our urine is collected fast and chilled immediately to preserve the product and keep bacteria growth at a minimal. Join us today in making the change to true farm fresh urine products. (our does browse natural forage and food plots. Our does are not fed on high end protein feeds that are used for antler growth that can taint the urine as well as meat)


Check with all local and state game laws before using the product in your area.

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